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thinking about deleting my tumblr… or still not going on it for a long time. i’ve felt so much better while not being on tumblr. and if i do go on it, i may unfollow almost everyone (except for a handful of people i actually like/know) and just use it for personal writing. 

i’ve just felt a lot… healthier since not using tumblr. i feel like tumblr is a huge distraction. that i makes me jealous and prideful and lust after things that i don’t have. and that it’s just an unhealthy venting ground, when really… when i need to vent, i should be venting to God.

so, we’ll see.

until then… back to stay off tumblr! and feeling happy and healthy.

your eyes are beautiful

haha oh goodness, thank you! :)

You might have better luck continuing to exercise, if the body thinks it's going to need to expend energy, it'll hold on to more calories in order to do so. Stress could definitely be a factor though, stress is very consuming, both mentally and physically.

I’ve actually had a lot of people tell me this… So I think I’m going to start back up at the gym this week. It’s a big fear of mine, but the only way to conquer your fears is to just do it, right?


I am no fixer. I repeat. I AM NO FIXER. I do not look at you and see something broken, in need of repair. I do not look at you and see something damaged. I am not here to fix you. I look at you and I see the best. I see you in a golden ray of light. I see you with every thing you could possibly…

Not going to sleep tonight because I am SO overwhelmed and in awe of how GOOD God! Seriously. So amazing.

He is faithful. Always.